About US

LaModa Fashions was established in 1994 in Bangkok, Thailand. We started providing custom tailoring services to foreign clients visiting Thailand for holidays and business. Our custom tailoring services was well received from day one and we have grown steadily through the years and have now served well over 15,000 clients worldwide.

We pride ourselves for our quality and friendly service. Our personal touch and attention to details have made our clients return to us time after time and recommend us to their friends, colleagues and family. We strive on word of mouth recommendations and do not spend money on expensive advertising. Our cost saving on advertisements means cost savings on your clothes.

Through the years we have suited clients from all walks of life - CEO's, Diplomats, Doctors, Cobblers, Carpenters and even Truck Drivers. To us all clients are special and treated like VIP's. A visit to our store in Bangkok will reveal that our clients come back not only to get clothes made but also to talk, share, play, meet people or just to get some laughs from Bobby and other staff working in the store. It is a very relaxed atmosphere in the store and if you have ever visited us before - you know what I mean.

In our drive to better serve our clients, we regularly source the best fabrics and other raw materials that makes the best garments from all over the world. We stock the latest designs in fine Wool and Cashmere, Linens, Egyptian cottons, Thai Silk, Satins and more to give you a choice to create something that is totally You.

The clothes we create for our clients are not just created to look good and fit well but other considerations such as durability, comfort and practicality are all factored in every process of the production. We are not quite sure how you feel - but our clothes outlive out clients!

We suggest you spend a bit of time going through our site, maybe visit our store in Bangkok, order a thing or two, talk to us online or via email - all this to learn more about us. We are here to help you with all your clothing needs.